In addition to his iconic movies, Adam Sandler has certainly made a name for himself with his wacky songs.

Well, it looks like his daughters, Sadie and Sunny, might have some music in their blood as well.

At a charity event this past weekend, Sandler and his two daughters sang Taylor Swift's "Lover" ... with a few minor changes.

The Hollywood Reporter's Chris Gardner tweeted the clips, writing, "There are many, many highlights I recorded from tonight’s #Rock4EB but this one is pretty special. @AdamSandler handling guitar duties while his daughters Sunny & Sadie sing @taylorswift13 “Lover” in front of Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, etc. They’re major Swifties, and so good too."

As Gardner notes, "Love that the girls did their version, like their dad would totally do, switching up the lyrics like this: 'We could leave the HANUKKAH lights up 'til January...'"

Looks like Sandler was nervous for his daughters, but they crushed it.

"Lover" dropped earlier this summer to a ton of buzz from Swift fans.

Fans called the album an immediate classic.

"#Lover is so perfect. the lyrics, the music, the vibe, the feelings... taylor swift really did it," one wrote in August.

Swift has yet to comment on the adorable cover from Sandler's daughters, but chances are she'll love it as well.